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By March 20, 2013Press Releases

House Bill 3409. Thanks to a very astute and kind businessman at the Academy of Hair Design Salem, Oregon, JohnnyMatthew’sUSA has been informed of House Bill 3409 which proposes to deregulate (14) (A) braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, sewing, twisting, weaving or wrapping of human hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers or hair extensions. (B) The use of scissors to trim synthetic fibers, hair extensions or sewn-in weave extensions….(C) The making of customized wigs form natural hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers or hair extensions. Is this the beginning of the end? How do owners of Beauty Schools that teach Cosmetology feel about this? If deregulation of wigs, which includes natural hair and the cutting of hair with scissors is passed where does it stop, semi permanents, fringe trims?

JohnnyMatthew’sUSA believes in elevating the hairdressing education industry, education is something that we’re excited about. We just wonder how a bill like this one can possibly elevate education, it appears to us that it’s moving in the other direction.

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