Phagans School of Beauty, Salem Oregon

By March 12, 2015Press Releases

Phagans School of Beauty is one of the oldest beauty schools in Salem and has been around for decades. Phagans offers a full Cosmetology program whereas Johnny Matthew’s specializes in hair design and barbering.

Our focus is more of a contemporary approach to barbering and hairdressing based upon European aesthetics where you’ll learn at a rapid pace on our fast track program.

Do you want to get through our curriculum in a matter of months? We have just the right tailored program for you.

Another way we’re different is that Phagans School of Beauty can offer FAFSA whereas we have ‘FAST PAY’ for as little as $250 per month where you incur NO interest on your payments or residual. It’s easy, it’s fast and makes our school readily assessable TODAY!

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