Ten suggestions for improving beauty schools and Cosmetology schools in Salem & Portland, Oregon

By October 14, 2012Press Releases

Salem is hardly a city that swings day and night! Portland, Oregon, is certainly awake ‘till later. But that doesn’t mean that your hair can’t be perfect all the time – you don’t want to miss out on style, do you? Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School wants to help hairdressers thrive. Salem women take pride in their hair and most of them go to their hairdresser every four to six weeks. Why bother washing and blowing your hair at home when the city of Salem could be full of quality salons where haircare is easier and more fun? But it all takes solid foundational hairdressing training and that starts at a beauty school or cosmetology school.

Salem doesn’t have to be your usual city, its hairdressers should be hip and extravagant. Here is a list of some suggestions for improvement for the current cosmetology schools, hair schools and beauty colleges in the cities of Salem, Albany, Corvallis and Portland, Oregon. Try implementing some of these, experiment, have fun, and let your hairdressers get some serious training and get some eclectic style!

1. On Fridays, a student haircut could come with a sushi brunch and champagne, that would be an amazing bonus.

2. If you cut kids hair let them get a haircut while being entertained by clowns. They could also get a gift and a little something to eat and drink.

3. On Mondays a haircut could come with a sushi snack. Throughout the week, you can rest in a relaxation corner with MP3’s and books.

4. How about a Playstation corner, free hair ‘beer’ and shampoos in liquor bottles.

5. What about a cosmetology school that will do your hair, your make-up and massage your
back? Heaven!

6. Try renting a beautiful building with valet parking, a courtyard for smokers (what a thought!!), and caviar face and body treatments.

7. Your favorite hair school could do a haircut with a side of sushi and champagne.

8. If you long for an ethnic, extravagant creation, braids could cost less with student training, and dreadlocks too. If you don’t fancy having them on your head for months to come, try “baby dreads” that disappear after washing.

9. Hair schools in Salem and Portland should be affordable and extravagant, a place for young people. They should cut your hair for less but never expect to give the client less.

10. Currently there are places where they cut and dye your hair for almost free in Salem, Oregon. But there’s a big hitch. They’re schools for hairdressers. They are grateful for guinea pigs, but the results may not be, let’s say, presentable. Haircare at your own risk!

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