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We want to thank our students who’ve now gone on into their chosen career fields for telling their friends and new guests about us!

You’d be surprised to know that many of our current students were actually guests getting their hair done by former students who’ve now graduated, passed the State boards and gone on to have successful careers; giving their testimony to what a fantastic training they had and being thankful for the career they’ve now embarked upon –  making money, setting their own hours and being independent.

Johnny Matthew’s can help you join the ranks of many successful entrepreneurs working in one of the most wonderful careers you can have out there – HAIRDRESSING!

How To Become A Barber In Oregon – Seven Steps To Becoming An Oregon Barber

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A question often asked of us at Johnny Matthew’s is how do you become a Barber in Oregon?

Here we’re going to give you SEVEN easy steps to becoming a Barber in Oregon in 10 months or less!

  1. Have a GED or High School diploma. (If you have a diploma or GED equivalent from Mexico or another country we can help you with translation and verification).
  2. Have State Issued Photo ID.
  3. Let Johnny Matthew’s staff review any previous Barbering Educational Transcripts to see if you have transferable hours that might shorten your stay and reduce your costs.
  4. Enroll in our program: (and pay the $50.00 application fee).
  5. Schedule a visit and intake tour:
  6. Begin the program and start your adventure on the School’s barber shop floor where you’ll learn all the skills and curriculum to prepare you to take the Oregon state board 9-10 months later.
  7. Acquire state license. Here at Johnny Matthew’s we prepare you for the State Board with snap-shot tests of the most current exams using the same multiple choice platform that enables our Barber students to become familiar and comfortable with the exam testing process. This preparation has resulted in our school having a 100% pass rate for the Oregon state exam in Barbering!
  • Oregon written exam will be given in Spanish soon.
  • Our Barber classes begin in January, April, July and October.
  • Ask us about our Financial Assistance Programs and EasyPay student payment programs.
  • Follow steps 1-7 above and you are well on your way to an incredible career in barbering.

Latino Barbers from Woodburn Oregon – Eugene Oregon join our barber school team!

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Johnny Matthew’s Barbering Program tools Barbering students with a modern Latino flare. Check out our graduates at work in Eugene and Woodburn, Oregon.

JM’s student spotlight this month is on Alberto of Periban Michoacán Fade who has recently moved here from Mexico to earn his Oregon Barber’s license and International Certification in just a few short months. Watch Alberto in front of the camera using light, sound and sweeping angles to magnify his cuts. He’s bringing men’s barbering and finishing into the media spotlight.

Check us out on Instagram #jmbarbers. Join the Barbering team and enroll now:


Woodburn Oregon – Barber School – Barber Classes!

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Woodburn Barbers @ Johnny Matthew’s make the commute!

Just a 25-minute commute to Johnny Matthew’s barber school and within 9-10 months you’ll be eligible to sit for your State License.

We enjoy hosting a multi-cultural barber environment with students from as far afield as South America and Mexico, and from rural communities such as Scio, Oregon, to the inner city of Portland.

Johnny Matthew’s offers you an opportunity to gain a valuable trade-skill in under a year – a trade-skill which gives you as a barber a fantastic earning potential, both here and abroad.

Don’t wait. Enroll today.

Johnny Matthew’s School is now Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

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Johnny Matthew’s is now accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Innovative, hip and urban is how we view our school and our commitment to excellence shows. 

We run the top of the line Ferrari dryers and matching red barber and hair design chairs for a racy experience all round on our school salon floor! Stop by and find out more today or take a tour and talk about our enrollment options now!



Barbering Curriculum – Modern and Fully Integrated

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At Johnny Matthew’s, we offer a modern, fully integrated curriculum using our JM Drive and Milady’s Cengage Course book. You never knew becoming a barber could be so easy! Gone are the heavy text books and in comes your free iPad upon enrollment complete with a digital download and instant access to our Milady Cengage Brain and JM Drive.  

Pacino the Barber at your fingertips! State exam prep at your fingertips – from home, in the classroom or just on the go!

We’ve taken barber education and rocketed it forward into the 21st Century!


Cosmetology School Salem, Oregon – Johnny Matthew’s School

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Want to Work on A Cruise Ship and Travel the World?

Ever been interested in working overseas or on a cruise ship? If so, then Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School is the place for you! Johnny Matthew’s  hairdressing school is fully accredited with ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council), which is the exclusive council that will allow you to work on cruise ships around the world.

Beginning in July 2016, all incoming students will have the opportunity to obtain their International License at the same time as they are working towards their Oregon State license. Even if you don’t desire to work outside of the U.S., having an ITEC license will be greatly beneficial to you when applying for stylist/barber positions outside of Oregon. Along with learning the Oregon standards and meeting the U.S. requirements to become a hair designer or barber, you also meet the international requirements and standards. Showing that you have put in the time and effort to get the global certification will put you above and beyond other candidates for the job you are wanting to obtain.

Transfer your state license with ease

Along with being able to work outside of the United States, an ITEC license makes it much easier to move from Oregon to other states, and to be able to easily transfer your state certification.

If a career in cosmetology has been your dream, give us a call at (503)902-5288!

Tangled Ends – Hair Design and Esthetics

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Hair Design and Esthetics – Tangled Ends – is proud to announce that our hair design graduate Briuana Rhode is now finishing off with her education with Esthetics at Tangled Ends Hair Academy in Keizer.
Briuana chose to enroll in Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School to learn the European Geometric aesthetics of Hair Design before embarking on an education in Esthetics at Tangled Ends Hair Academy, Keizer.
At we aim to make all your beauty dreams a reality! Call NOW and ask us how we can advise you in Hair Design, Barbering, Nails, Esthetics and Cosmetology and put you in touch with the right people and the right program for you – text:5039025288

Esthetics Program At Tangled Ends Hair Academy Keizer, Oregon.

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Miss Briauna Rohde will be graduating from Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School within the next month! We would like to extend our congratulations and excitement to her as she progresses to the next chapter in her life. Briauna will be entering the June class for Esthetics at the Tangled Ends Hair Academy in Keizer, Oregon.

Tangled Ends Hair Academy offers Esthetics here in the Willamette Valley, and we couldn’t be happier to send one of our top students over to pursue the program in Esthetics. Whilst Briauna chose to enroll in the Johnny Matthew’s Hair Design program instead of the Tangled Ends Hair Design program we are happy that she’ll receive a 250 hour credit because of the classes she has taken with Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School. We look forward to seeing what paths she will carve in the beauty industry, being able to do both hair and make-up for Salem. Briauna has an impeccable eye for styling and coloring hair, and with her training in esthetics she will surely be an unstoppable force.

Become a Hairdresser in Keizer, Oregon

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If you are looking for an exciting new career that fits your life and schedule, hair design is the path for you! In the hairdressing industry, you can set your own schedule, your own prices, and your own terms. Hair design is always changing and evolving. Trends are constantly morphing. Hair design of yesteryear is behind us, and a new, exciting road awaits you!

Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School has made downtown Salem home for the past two and a half years. We are the newest school in town, delivering our innovative and modern training system to the new generation of hairdressers and tomorrow’s leaders in this amazing industry.

Hair Design Training for Your Career Success

Once you enroll at Johnny Matthew’s, you begin two weeks of intensive training to prepare you for the basics of cutting and coloring. After two weeks, you integrate with other students on the salon floor, and begin taking your first clients. We believe the first two weeks are the most important – that’s when you develop the habits that you will take with you for the rest of your journey. We also believe that getting you out and comfortable on the floor quickly is important; we want you to gain the greatest amount of supervised time on the floor so you feel fully competent when you graduate and secure a position in a salon. You can learn and grow at your own pace, while we provide structure and guidance through our textbook and weekly classes that foster discussion and breakdown the material for greater understanding.

We provide junior and senior sessions in both our hairdressing and barbering classes at specific intervals in order to further your education. You will learn advanced personalization techniques, more complex haircuts and layering patterns, along with hair color placement options. Once you’ve completed your training, you will be ready to go out into the workplace and provide quality hair services that can rival the ‘best hairdresser in town’.

The hairdressing program at Johnny Matthew’s comprises 1,700 hours training, which can be completed in 10-12 months. We encourage students to be here at the school as often as possible to ensure that they receive the most education, and gain the highest level of confidence by the time graduation arrives. We offer low monthly payments, and work with all types of schedules and lifestyles.

Call us today for more information, schedule a tour, or even apply for admission!