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By July 7, 2016Press Releases

Want to Work on A Cruise Ship and Travel the World?

Ever been interested in working overseas or on a cruise ship? If so, then Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School is the place for you! Johnny Matthew’s  hairdressing school is fully accredited with ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council), which is the exclusive council that will allow you to work on cruise ships around the world.

Beginning in July 2016, all incoming students will have the opportunity to obtain their International License at the same time as they are working towards their Oregon State license. Even if you don’t desire to work outside of the U.S., having an ITEC license will be greatly beneficial to you when applying for stylist/barber positions outside of Oregon. Along with learning the Oregon standards and meeting the U.S. requirements to become a hair designer or barber, you also meet the international requirements and standards. Showing that you have put in the time and effort to get the global certification will put you above and beyond other candidates for the job you are wanting to obtain.

Transfer your state license with ease

Along with being able to work outside of the United States, an ITEC license makes it much easier to move from Oregon to other states, and to be able to easily transfer your state certification.

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