Ten Steps to Becoming a Hairdresser

By December 9, 2012Press Releases
  1. Choose the right beauty school: Find a school that teaches more than just the Milady Standard Cosmetology. Look for a school run by and employing current successful career hair artists.
  2. Cost: Look for a school that can put you in touch with private lenders who specialize in private student loans.
  3. Judge by the tool kit: If the school doesn’t provide you with the highest quality tool kit, then you can bet they won’t provide you with the highest quality training either.
  4. Develop a portfolio. All hairdressers can benefit from a professional portfolio that showcases their best work. Hairdressers should begin compiling their portfolio while in school.
  5. Completion of a state-licensed hair design training program.
  6. Hair Design Licensure: A state-issued license is required in all states.
  7. Key Skills: Strong communication, customer service and time management skills; creativity and dexterity.
  8. Additional Requirements: Most hairdressers must be 17 years of age or older.
  9. Build a professional resume: Your school should include resume building in it business and career curriculum
  10. Build a model list: Model demonstrations are the best way to showcase your work to prospective employers.

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