Beauty School Portland – Graduate in as little as 3 months

By January 1, 2013Press Releases

Accelerated Cosmetology Programs do they really work? Can you possibly become a Master Stylist in 3 months? Is the competency based format really an intelligent approach to cosmetology education?
These questions are often asked to career professionals like us because students just want to get done and out on the salon floor as soon as possible. BUT WAIT – HOLD UP! Is it even reasonable to expect someone to teach you how to succeed in an extremely competitive market in just 3 months? We can train a monkey to cut hair in 3 months but that doesn’t translate over to a good haircut or a long-term hairdressing career!
Somethings, to be done right, just take time, patience and hard work – great things come to those who train, really train – hard.
At JohnnyMatthew’s we don’t believe in churning out monkey cuts and we’re not shy to admit it! Train with us for 9 – 12 months and you’ll experience the difference!

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