Cultural diversity in the hair salon, Salem Oregon.

By January 2, 2013Press Releases
One big beauty school complaint: ‘Where’s the cultural diversity?’ ‘I didn’t get trained properly, I’m not comfortable doing ethnic hair!”
Flashback – 1991 – an illegal alien, straight ‘off the boat’ looking for work under the radar!
I landed a dream job – right opposite my downtown Seattle apartment on 1st Ave, near the Market.
The only white bloke in an African American salon!
Of course, no one wanted to let the white, G.Q English boy in their hair! But, after 6 months of apprenticing under the owner, a few brave souls gave me a chance! I loved it – cultural diversity and chemicals that could burn a hole through my Oxford Street shoes! 3 years later I had my own diverse clientele. Yes, I was thrown in the deep end, but hey! I was working and living in the midst of a scene that was unfolding in America that would come to be known as ‘grunge.’ Nirvana, Alice & Chains, Sound Garden, Mother Love Bone, all playing in the neighborhood bars for a few bucks! Cutting hair by day and, well, lets say the nights were long!
My point? JohnnyMatthew’s will train you to cut every type of hair imaginable. The question is whether Salem is culturally diverse enough to support our style!
What say you?
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