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By June 19, 2015Cosmetology school

Even top hairdressers can face many challenges in their careers and that’s why choosing the right beauty school is so important. Just a short drive from Albany, Oregon, you’ll find a hair design school that will get you headed in the right direction early.

Helping Clients Fall in Love with Their Hair Again

One of the most difficult and most common challenges you will you will deal with is how to make people fall in love with their hair again. We all have those things we hate about our hair – it’s too frizzy, too flat, not the right color, or a whole host of other complaints. It’s up to your stylist to figure out how to turn the things you dislike about your hair into the qualities you love about your hair.

While a conditioning treatment or a hot tool can mask a problem, here at Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School we teach our beauty and barber students how to analyze the hair, the client, and the lifestyle in order to develop a good hair care routine so the client can go home happy with their hair, and still be happy the next time they come in.

Thinking about Hair in a Whole New Way

We train our cosmetology students to really look at the hair and actively think of ways to make it work for the client. For example, if the hair is too frizzy, it may be because the client has naturally curly hair and tries to flat iron or blow it out incorrectly. Perhaps the problem is that the hair has never been cut in such a way to tame the unruliness, but once layered and texturized, suddenly the client experiences his or her hair in a whole new way.

Johnny Matthew’s strives to impart the knowledge students need to show their clients how to do their own hair so they can replicate the look at home. Students understand that in order for a client to be truly happy with their look, their hair has to play a major role – and that all begins from day one at our beauty school. We provide the Johnny Matthew’s Smart Hair Care line that offers a wide variety of products to work with natural hair, or create the style of hair that you want all year round. The Willamette Valley experiences a variety temperatures throughout the year, and being able to combat all the ways the air affects hair is a must.

Cosmetology – A Fast Growing Career Field

Whether you want to enroll in Cosmetology school and begin your journey in one the fastest growing career fields today, or if you’d like to come by and get your hair cut or styled, visit Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School. Just a very short distance from Albany and well-worth the drive.

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