Ten Reasons to Become A Hairdresser in Salem, Oregon

With beauty shops popping up on every corner of this Capitol city, how can you make a name for yourself and achieve all of your career goals? Follow the Ten Reasons to Become Hairdresser in Salem, Oregon.

  1. Self-Employment: Let’s face it, a career in hair design is a lucrative one; a well-seasoned hairdresser can earn more than $100,000 a year. Johnny Matthew’s can confidently say that in 2015, we have a 100% employment rate for our Hair Design program. We teach students how to run a book, set prices for their jobs, and how to use social media to grow their clientele. By being able to create your own work hours and prices, you can work as much or as little as you want. As an independent contractor you have no boss to answer to, so if you need or want to take a day off to spend with your family or as you like, you can.
  2. Changing Lives: In this industry, people come to us looking for a chance to feel good about themselves. Students are taught how to do everything from a simple trim to a Worthington’s Graduated Bob. You develop all the skills to achieve any look a client could ask for. Here at Johnny Matthew’s, we teach students how to confidently and competently change hair and lives.
  3. Right Tools, Right Place: Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School only uses top-of-the-line products to train the next wave of hairdressers entering the workforce. Our students are able to launch a career on the right foot, with the best tools the industry offers. We provide Hattori Hanzo shears, Ferrari tools, and our own line of Smart Hair Care, specially created by our owner.
  4. Increase Your Revenue: You can make a healthy income by just offering services, but once you learn how to recommend products to your clients, your income can increase exponentially. Johnny Matthew’s put an emphasis on being able to tastefully suggest products to clients, to ensure that their hair not only stays healthy, but so that they can recreate their new hairstyle at home.
  5. Client Consultation: Being able to converse with the person in your chair is a quality that Johnny Matthew’s strives to integrate into our curriculum. Asking questions to find out how the client does their hair each day, how much time they are willing to spend in the morning, and what type of product they generally use, make the typical consultation more personal and productive than just asking what haircut the client wants.
  6. Technically Sound: Just as with anything else, the first time a new concept is explained, you may not understand it. Johnny Matthew’s has three diversely trained instructors on the floor to assist students at all times. If one one instructor’s explanation of a particular cut doesn’t make quite make sense, there are two other teachers who can explain in different terms to better accommodate for different learning styles.
  7. Capture the Client: Letting a client leave without first scheduling them for a future visit, may not only mean a lost long-term client, but also the additional selling opportunities that come along with that individual over time. By pre-booking clients, you can build up a steady and reliable business. And your clientele will build as your satisfied customers tell their friends about how great you are and recommend you.
  8. Tracking Growth: A primary component of Johnny Matthew’s hairdresser training is our point-of-sale system. This advanced system shows students how much revenue they made in services and product sales, and how many clients they saw in a given time period. This tracking system helps students realize what they would have made in a day, week, month, or year to realistically estimate what type of a living they could have after successfully graduating cosmetology school.
  9. Goal Setting:  In order to be successful, a hairdresser must have goals to aspire to. At Johnny Matthew’s, we encourage students to create goals every month, whether it be achieving a higher percentage of retail, more clients than the month before, or up-selling services to current clients. Throughout their time at Johnny Matthew’s, students are able to see how setting goals and accomplishing them helps to increase their revenue, client base, and performance. With our competitive level system, students are able to charge more per service as they become more accomplished and competent.
  10. A Whole New World: After getting your license in Oregon to be a hairdresser, there are so many opportunities that open up to you. There are untold continuing education classes, seminars, and, of course, ever-changing fashions and styles for you to learn and keep up with. Johnny Matthew’s is at the forefront of new trends, offering classes from leading companies such as Brazilian Blow-out and Goldwell to teach about trends and techniques to keep you at the top of your game.
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