Top Tools and Techniques for a Top Cosmetology School, Corvallis, Oregon

By July 9, 2015Press Releases

Every hairdresser and stylist has their own arsenal of tips and tricks they use to do their craft. With all of the color and product lines constantly changing and growing, its hard to know which ones you should use.

We teach our students at Johnny Matthew’s Cosmetology School how to identify underlying pigments and tones of the hair to better provide the color that the client wants, rather than applying a color and hoping for the best. Here at Johnny Matthew’s school, we are a Goldwell exclusive salon, meaning we only use large selection of color that the manufacturer provides. We chose to use this product because it is environmentally conscious; ingredients are low ammonia-nontoxic with no harsh chemicals, all-safe for humanity and the earth. Along with the color theory, we train students to measure the proper amount of color, as to not waste color, and so they are not constantly leaving their client to mix more color together.

Seeing as how the summer heat and sun has hit the Pacific Northwest this past month, everybody is going blonde, whether it be natural or with the help of lightener. Everybody always says that lightener is bad for hair, but with the help of Olaplex, this isn’t so true anymore. Johnny Matthew’s Hair School is proud to offer clients the option of having Olaplex added to their hair color and their lightener, if they so choose. Olaplex is a bond-builder, meaning that your hair won’t be so damaged after the service. We use Olaplex daily in our student salon, and they are all taught how to use it both as a bond builder, and also as a deep conditioner.

If your school tools aren’t the best, how do you expect to give the best haircut or color for your client? Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School is excited to say that we use Ferrari and Babyliss tools in the student tool kits that all students receive when they enroll at the school. We provide blow-dryers and hair clippers with Ferrari engines in them, meaning they get the job done quickly and efficiently, and the tool will last you a long time. For our students shear needs, we provide Hattori Hanzo shears, with a representative that visits the school once a month to ensure everyone’s shears are sharp and safe enough to be using.

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