Top 5 Reasons to Become a Licensed in Cosmetology in Wilsonville, Oregon

By August 11, 2015Press Releases


Situated halfway between Portland and Salem, Wilsonville, Oregon is a prime location to think about attending beauty school. Seated between the state capitol and the busiest city in the state, Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School can and will show you how to get the job of your dreams, starting with these five reasons.

  1. A Loyal Clientele: Salem and Portland offer large populations of people that are searching for a hair stylist that will understand and cater to their needs. Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School builds client care directly into our beauty school curriculum. Each school client is greeted and provided a consultation by the student that will be doing the cosmetology or barber services that day. We stress that clients need to be listened to, and a conversation should be had to explain why or why not a service can be done. By emphasizing this, clients feel that they are heard, their opinion is valid, and this makes them a loyal client.
  2. A Diverse Job: Johnny Matthew’s barber school has the unique opportunity to be duel-enrolled and be licensed in both Hair Design and Barbering. Having both skills at your disposal makes the entire world of cosmetology open to you. You can cut, color, perm, and relax hair, along with applying tonics and doing facial shaves. You can be a great resource for any salon or barbershop you work at.
  3. An International Flair: Johnny Matthew’s Beauty School is the only hair school on the West Coast that is ITEC licensed. Being internationally licensed means that you can go anywhere in the world and continue your career. The license helps in moving from state to state, so living in Wilsonville and working in Washington could become an easy and achievable reality for anyone. In fact, if it is your dream to work and travel on a cruise ship, it is a requirement that you be ITEC licensed. The program is incorporated into the curriculum automatically, so there is no extra time you have to enroll in school, so it’s the best offer out there!
  4. Opportunity: Being in the heart of downtown, there are all types of people that walk through our doors everyday. During your time at Johnny Matthew’s, you will be exposed to every type of haircut imaginable, along with every color opportunity you could desire. When you graduate and leave, you can go to any salon and be ready and able to execute any cut and style a client could ask for.
  5. An Ever-Expanding Career: the cosmetology field is constantly changing and morphing into something new and different. Every few months, a new color trend or trending cut will capture the eye of the public, and you have to know how to do it before they ask for it. We live in a state where the educational classes are offered every weekend in a city around us, and we can continually learn from others around us.

As your experience and skills grow, so will your clientele. You have the opportunity of a lifetime at your fingertips, and all you have to do is grab it. For a tour or more information on what Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School has to offer you, call (503)902-5288, or go online to


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