Barber School – Johnny Matthew’s School, Salem, Oregon. Featuring LEEK DA BARBER

By January 19, 2016Press Releases

We have opened up our innovative barber program in Salem, Oregon for new enrollments!

Salem Barber By Day, Musician by Night

The barbering industry standard has been raised with big names like Johnny Matthew’s, Pacino the Barber and now Salem, Oregon’s very own Leek Da Barber. Leek Da Barber lives the ‘New Millennium Barber Lifestyle.’ Its urban, fresh and ‘gelled’ with his fine music rhymes!

Leek is a graduate of the Johnny Matthew’s barber program here in Salem and he now works in one of Salem’s finer barber shops during the day while he writes music and raps at night.

We’re proud to offer a fully-integrated, modern barber curriculum to our student body. It caters to the whole man or woman, setting them up for career success from the very first day!

If you want to begin a barbering career and experience the Johnny Matthew’s urban barber culture, then fill out an application ( and join our team NOW!

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