Esthetics Program At Tangled Ends Hair Academy Keizer, Oregon.

By April 18, 2016Press Releases

Miss Briauna Rohde will be graduating from Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School within the next month! We would like to extend our congratulations and excitement to her as she progresses to the next chapter in her life. Briauna will be entering the June class for Esthetics at the Tangled Ends Hair Academy in Keizer, Oregon.

Tangled Ends Hair Academy offers Esthetics here in the Willamette Valley, and we couldn’t be happier to send one of our top students over to pursue the program in Esthetics. Whilst Briauna chose to enroll in the Johnny Matthew’s Hair Design program instead of the Tangled Ends Hair Design program we are happy that she’ll receive a 250 hour credit because of the classes she has taken with Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School. We look forward to seeing what paths she will carve in the beauty industry, being able to do both hair and make-up for Salem. Briauna has an impeccable eye for styling and coloring hair, and with her training in esthetics she will surely be an unstoppable force.

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