The Lifespan of a Hairdresser in Salem, Oregon

By October 15, 2015Press Releases

No matter what age you begin your career as a hairdresser, there is always room to grow and expand your path. You can always go higher than your current position, and you can always inspire people around you to do their best and find what their calling is.

You, of course, begin at a cosmetology school to train to get your state license to practice. In the Willamette Valley, there are many to choose from, but why not choose Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School, where we give you exceptional tools and exceptional training you won’t find just everywhere on the West Coast? We train you to cut hair geometrically, so you can create any haircut by combining angles and elevations for success, and give you the know-how to color any head of hair that sits in your chair. Once you have put in your hours and graduated, you are on to the next great thing of life- your own station.

There are a couple of different ways you can rent a station when you are first out in the hairdressing world. You can either lease a station, which is a general rent, or you can have a commission station, which is a little more complicated. Both have pros and cons, but it is up to you to decide which one is better for you while you are at your station in life. You can work behind the chair for years, building up a clientele and beginning to know yourself as a stylist. However, at some point, you may realize you want to be in charge yourself, and you can open a salon of your own.

When opening a hairdressing or barber salon, there are many different choices to think about- whether you want to be on your own or have other hairdressers and barbers work with you, where you want to be located, and what you should offer. Here at Johnny Matthew’s School, we teach you how to successfully run a salon or barber shop from cutting hair, product lines, booking appointments, and furthering your cosmetology education.

You can make this a very lucrative career, so why not call Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School and start the beauty career journey of a lifetime.

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